Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Society of Undergraduates at McGill


A question we always get is - what do we study in atmospheric science? The answer - lots: everything from meteorology and forecasting to climate and climate change to the oceans and atmospheric chemistry - everything you ever wanted to know about the weather!

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AOS) is a small, friendly department (with about 30 undergrads) where everyone is on a first name basis. And we get to do fun things, like a tornado chasing trip in the States!

McGill is considered one of the best schools in the field, and we've got some cool equipment, like the radar at the MacDonald campus that Environment Canada gathers data from, and wind profilers on the roof of Burnside. Burnside is also the building where our department is, including our three, yes three, undergrad lounges.

Here at McGill you can choose to do a major, minor, honours, joint major atmospheric science/physics, major or honours atmospheric chemistry, and there's even a one-year diploma in meteorology for science and engineering graduates with a sufficient math or physics background. There is also a new earth system science degree, which combines atmospheric science, earth and planetary sciences, and geography.