Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Society of Undergraduates at McGill


Hello one and all,

Thank you for visiting the AOSSUM website and getting to know us! To newly admitted students, it is with great pleasure that we are welcoming you into this familial department and program.

Whether you are a Major, Liberal Major, Joint Major, Minor, Diploma student or are affiliated with ATOC in some way academically, the diverse blend of courses that exist in this program will have you explore many topics throughout the study of weather and climate. Whether waves and fluid dynamics is your cup of tea, or the connection between the air and ocean does it for you, or you're into the kind of weather that turns wild and destructive (like me), the spectrum is vast and each professor you meet has spent their lives looking into specific pieces of this giant puzzle that is our atmosphere.

Our best advice to you: get to know the people that are around, professors, undergraduates and graduate students alike, and find your passion! Burnside Hall Room 711 is our main council space and hub! Come by to meet and interact with the current students and get to know your potential field of interest!

President of AOSSUM

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