News Items:

• Just published in Climate Dynamics: "Ocean versus atmosphere control on western European wintertime temperature variability" Yamamoto et al. (April 2015 link)

• Just published in Solar Physics: "A Reconstruction of Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance During the Maunder Minimum" Bolduc et al. (March 2014 link)

• Just published in Tellus A: "Potential of an Ensemble Kalman Smoother for Stratospheric Chemical-Dynamical Data Assimilation " Milewski and Bourqui (February 2013 link)

• Just published in ACP: "A simple framework for modelling the photochemical response to solar spectral irradiance variability in the stratosphere" Muncaster et al. (August 2012 link).

• Just published in Solar Physics: "A fast model for the reconstruction of spectral solar irradiance in the near- and mid-ultraviolet" Bolduc et al. (June 2012 link).

• Just published in Physical Review E: "Fast chemical reaction in two-dimensional Navier-Stokes flow: Initial regime" Ait Chaalal, Bourqui and Bartello (April 2012 link).

• Just published in ACP: "A new real-time Lagrangian diagnostic system for stratosphere-troposphere exchange: Evaluation during a balloon sonde campaign in eastern Canada" Bourqui, Yamamoto et al. (Mar 2012 link).

• Just published in MWR: "Assimilation of stratospheric temperature and ozone with an Ensemble Kalman Filter in a Chemistry-Climate Model" Milewski and Bourqui (Nov. 2011, link)

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After eight exciting years spent at McGill, Prof. Michel S. Bourqui moved to Zurich, Switzerland, in October 2012, where he is currently establishing a Consulting Office in Atmospheric and Climate Sciences.

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