Parisa Ariya - Selected Invited Lectures




I presented invited lectures in universities, research centres and conferences including an invited plenary lecture, session lecture, and named lectures in four different continents.


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82) P. A. Ariya, "Chemical reactions of trace metals at atmospheric interfaces, Clarkson University, USA, 2015

81) P. A. Ariya, "aerosols in climate processes", OURANOS, Canada, 2015

80) P. A. Ariya et al., “Nanoparticles in the Arctic”, American Chemical Society, Fall meeting, Boston, 2015.

79) P. A. Ariya, “Metal transformation at atmospheric interfaces: Nucleation, Speciation, Kinetics and Dynamics”, Gordon conference in Atmospheric Chemistry, New Hampshire, USA, 2015

78) P. A. Ariya, Avik Goshdastidar, Daniel Deeds, M. Subir., “Mercury speciation and surface reactions ”, Canadian Society for Chemistry, Ottawa, 2015

77) P. A. Ariya et al., “Nanoparticles in the atmospheric interfaces”, Canadian Society for Chemistry, Ottawa, 2015

76) Parisa A. Ariya, "Atmospheric nanoaerosols and their roles in nucleation, catalysis, remediation and health", Wadworth lecture, Albany University and New York State Department of Health, April 2015.


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75) P. A. Ariya, "On the importance of bio-organic compounds at snow-air interfaces", Cambridge University, UK, 2014.

74) P. A. Ariya, "Surface selective studies of atmospheric reactions on airborne nanoparticles", Canadian Society for Chemistry, Vancouver, Canada, 2014


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73) P. A. Ariya, "On the reactions of airborne nanoparticles", University of Toronto, Canada, 2013

72) P. A. Ariya, “Canada WATCH initiative”, Montreal, Canada, 2013


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71) P. A. Ariya, "Homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical reactions at atmospheric surfaces, impacts on nucleation, new aerosol formation and remediation", Concordia University, Canada, 2012.

70) P. A. Ariya, “Fluxes of trace carbonyl compounds at Northern Atlantic”, Canadian Society of Chemistry annual meeting, Calgary, Canada, 2012

69) P. A. Ariya, “Bridging the gap of temporal and spatial domains in atmospheric chemistry”, American Chemical Society meeting, San Diego, USA, 2012

68) P. A. Ariya, “Atmospheric chemistry at air-ice interface”, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. 2012


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67) P. A. Ariya, “Bio-organic chemistry at sea-ice/atmosphere interface”, Telluride, USA, 2011

66) P. A. Ariya, “Trace metal chemistry: Laboratory studies”, Environment Canada head quarter, Toronto, Canada, 2011

65) P. A. Ariya, “Surface selective studies of elemental mercury: Second harmonic generation”, Halifax, Canada, 2011

64) P. A. Ariya, “McGill CARA projects”, International conference of mercury as global pollutant, Halifax, Canada, 2011


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63) P. A. Ariya, "Atmospheric chemical processes at environmental interfaces", Toronto, Canada, 2010

62) P. A. Ariya, "Atmospheric chemistry at sea-water interface", Universite du Quebec a Rimouski, Canada, 2010

61) P. A. Ariya, "Atmospheric Chemistry: Bridging nano-to macroscale processes", Canadian Society for Chemistry, Canada, 2010

60) P. A. Ariya, "Chemical parameterization for global modelling", Environment Canada, Toronto, Canada, 2010.

59) P. A. Ariya on behalf of AOS, "Overview research relevant to space sciences", Canadian Space agency workshop, Montreal, Canada February 2010.


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58) P. A. Ariya, "Novel techniques and methods for removal of pollutants from air stream", Environmental Protection Agency, head office, New Carolina, USA, 2009.

57) P. A. Ariya, "Ice nucleation of bioaerosols", Prague, Czech Republic, 2009.

56) P. A. Ariya, "Towards a design for smart building", Concordia University, Canada, 2009.

55) P. A. Ariya, "Atmospheric chemistry of mercury and reactive gaseous mercury characterization", ICHMET, Guiyang, China, 2009

54) P. A. Ariya, Tropospheric halogen chemistry, Dalhousie University, Canada, 2009

53) P. A. Ariya, Atmospheric chemistry at interfaces, Canadian Society for Chemistry general meeting, Canada, 2009

52) P. A. Ariya, Challenges on mercury chemical schemes, University of Washington, USA, 2008

51) P. A. Ariya, Development of novel mercury speciation techniques, Environment Canada, Canada, 2009


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50) P. A. Ariya, Hg transformation at environmenal interfaces, Rome, Itlay, 2008

49) P. A. Ariya, Atmospheric chemistry of non-persistent pollutants, Chinese Academy of Sciences, December 2007. Beijing, China.

48) P. A. Ariya, on atmospheric aerosols, GEOTOPE invited lecture, Montreal, April 2008.

47) P. A. Ariya, bridging the gap between micro and macroscales atmospheric chemistry, American Chemical Society, Atlantic division, June 2008.


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46) A. Ariya, Interfacial atmospheric chemistry, Peking University, December 2007

45) P. A. Ariya, Chemical transformation of trace metals in environment, Atmospheric Environment, Toronto, April 2007.

44) P. A. Ariya, Interfacial atmospheric chemistry, Canadian Chemical Society conference on environmental sciences, Newfoundland, March 2007 (Key note lecture)

43) P. A. Ariya, Chemistry at the interfaces, University of Nevada, USA, Feb, 2007


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42) P. A. Ariya, Hg chemical transformation in the Arctic, Plenary talk, Artic-Antarctic workshop, Grenoble, France. June 2006 (Plenary lecture)

41) P. A. Ariya, On mercury transformations in atmosphere, Atmospheric Environment, Toronto, December, 2006.

40) P. A. Ariya, Chemical reactions at environmental interfaces, University of California at Irvine, November, 2006. ACS progress lectureship,


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39) P. A. Ariya, "Mercury chemical transformation at atmosphere-snow-air interface", International Arctic studies of trace metal workshop, Toronto, August, 2005

38) P. A. Ariya, "Organic transformations at snow-air interface", OASIS-International Polar Year, September 2005.

37) P. A. Ariya, "Trace metals in ecosystem", MSC, Canada, August 2005.

36) P. A. Ariya, "Chemical transformation of atmospheric mercury", U. Manitoba, Canada, November 1-4.


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35) P. A. Ariya, "On the role of halogens in the marine boundary layer", International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, September 4-9, 2004. Plenary lecture

34) P. A. Ariya, "Laboratory kinetic studies to assess major chemical reactions of Hg compounds with other atmospheric species", CNR-Institute for Atmospheric Pollution, Italy, May 2004.

33) P. A. Ariya, "Studies of trace gases in the marine boundary layer", SOLAS General Meeting, Montreal, Canada, June 1-5, 2004.

32) P. A. Ariya, "Chemical transformation of aerosols", McGill Chemical Society, McGill University, Canada, March 2004.

31) P. A. Ariya, "Chemical reactions forming cloud nuclei and Ice nucleation", Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, March 2004.

30) P. A. Ariya, "Mercury in the Arctic snow", York University, Toronto, Canada, September 2004.


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29) P. A. Ariya, "Atmospheric chemical transformation of toxic elements", Fredricton, Canada, November 2003.

28)P. A. Ariya, "Tropospheric chemistry of non-methane hydrocarbons", Middle Atmospheric Modeling Summer School, Montreal, Canada, August 2003.

27) P. A. Ariya, "Mercury cycling in environment", University of Goteborg, Department of Chemistry, Sweden, May 2003.

26) P. A. Ariya, "Atmospheric chemistry driven by bioaerosols", Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Guelph University, Canada, March 2003.

25) P. A. Ariya, "Formation of tropospheric particles", Chemistry Department, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada, March 2003.


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24) P. A. Ariya, "Formation mechanisms for organic aerosols", Chemistry Department, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, July 2002.

23) P. A. Ariya, "On environmental transformation of mercury", Meteorological Service of Canada, Environment Canada, July 2002.

22) P. A. Ariya, "Speciation of aqueous mercury", First International Arctic Atmospheric Mercury Research Workshop, Environment Canada (MSC), Toronto, Canada, August 2002.

21) P. A. Ariya, "Transformation of tropsopheric aerosols: Laboratory, field and theory", Environmental Chemistry Symposium, Plenary lecture, Sir Wilfred College, Newfoundland, Canada, May 2002.

20) P. A. Ariya, "Transformation of biological aerosols", Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, May 2002.

19) P .A. Ariya, "Ozonolysis of alkenes", Centre for Climate and Global Change, McGill, Canada, May 2002.


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18) P. A. Ariya, "Formation of atmospheric aerosols", U. of Montreal, Chemistry Department, Canada, October 2001.

17) P. A. Ariya, "Formation of Hg aerosols", U. of Sherbrooke, Chemistry Department, Canada, October 2001.

16) P. A. Ariya, "Modelling of Tropospheric aerosols", Physics department, U. of T., Canada, November 2001.

15) P.A. Ariya, "Halogen chemistry in the marine boundary layer", International conference on atmosphere and ocean interactions, Montreal, Canada, July 2001. key lecturer

14) P. A. Ariya, "Deposition of atmospheric aerosols in water", Institut National des Recherches Scientifiques, INRS-EAU, Quebec city, Canada, February 2001.

13) P. A. Ariya, "Atmospheric chemistry of mercury", UQAM, Canada, April 2001.


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12) P.A. Ariya, "Interaction of sulfur and halogen chemistry, and formation of aerosols", U. British Coloumbia, Chemistry, Canada, October 2000.

11) P. A. Ariya, "Impact of hydrocarbon in air quality", Environment Canada, Canada, 1999.

10) P. A. Ariya, "Transformation of aerosols and their health impact", Department of atmospheric sciences and physics, Peking University, China, 1999.

9) P. A. Ariya, "Reactions of halogens with volatile hydrocarbon: Tropospheric impact", Florida State University, USA, 1998.

8) P. A. Ariya, "Peroxide formation enhancement as the result of the ozonolysis", Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry and Biogeochemistry, Germany, 1998

7) P. A. Ariya, "Halogen and sulfur oxidation in troposphere: laboratory, field and modeling studies", McGill University, Canada, 1998

6) P. A. Ariya, "Impact of organic peroxide in enhancement of sulfate", Nice, France, 1998

5) P. A. Ariya, H. Niki and G. W. Harris, "Halogen chemistry in Troposphere", Max-planck institute for Chemistry, Germany, 1996

4) P. A. Ariya, "Modeling of tropospheric Chemistry", Florida University, USA, 1996.

3) P. A. Ariya, G. W. Harris and H. Niki, "Long path FTIR study of chemical reactions of atmospheric interest", CAC, York University, Canada, 1996

2) P. A. Ariya (Hooshiyar) and H. Niki, "Laboratory and field reactions of halogens and volatile organic compounds of atmospheric interests", CAC, Canada, 1995

1) P. A. Ariya and H. Niki, "High resolution long path FTIR study of HO initiated oxidation of 1,3-butadiene: Atmospheric implication", CAC, Canada, 1993