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85) P.A. Ariya, G. Kos, R. Mortazavi, E.D. Hudson, V. Kanthasamy, N. Eltouny, J. Sun, and C. Wilde, Bio-Organic Materials in the Atmosphere and Snow: Measurement and Characterization, Current topics in Chemistry (Springer) (2013); DOI: 10.1007/128_2013_461

84) Atmospheric and Aerosol Chemistry. Series: Topics in Current Chemistry, Vol. 339. McNeill, V. Faye; Ariya, Parisa A. (Eds.) 2013.


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83) G. Kos, A. Ruzhkov, A. Dastoor, J. Narayan, A. Steffen, P. A. Ariya, and L. Zhang, Evaluation of discrepancy between measured and modeled oxidized mercury, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussion, 12, 17245-17293, (2012)

82) J, Sun, H. Leighton, P. Yau, P. A. Ariya, Numerical evidence for cloud droplet nucleation at the cloud-environment interface, Atmospheric Chemsitry and Physics Discussion, 12, 17723-177742, (2012)

81) N. Eltouny, P. A. Ariya, Fe3O4 Nanoparticles and Carboxymethyl Cellulose: A Green Option for the Removal of Atmospheric BTEX, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (ACS journal), 51 (39), pp 12787–12795 (2012)

80) J. Sun, P. A. Ariya, H. Leighton, M. K. Yau., "Modelling Study of Ice Formation in Warm-Based Precipitating Shallow Cumulus Clouds", Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, in press (doi: 10.1175/JAS-D-11-0344.1) (2012)

79) Didier Voisin, Jean-Luc Jaffrezo, Stéphan Houdier, Manuel Barret, Julie Cozic, Martin D. King, James L. France, Holly J. Reay, Amanda Grannas, Gregor Kos,Parisa A. Ariya, Harry J. Beine, Florent Domine, “ HUmic LIke Substances (HULIS) in Arctic snowpack during OASIS field campaign in Barrow”, Journal of Geophysical Research, in press (2012)

78) G. Snider and P. A. Ariya, Kinetic and Product Studies of the Reactions of NO2, with Hg0 in the Gas Phase in the Presence of Titania Micro-Particle Surfaces, Water, air and soil pollution, 223, no7, pp. 4397-4406, 2012.

77) VF McNeill, AM Grannas, JPD Abbatt, M Ammann, P Ariya, T Bartels-Rausch, F Domine, DJ Donaldson, MI Guzman, D Heger, TF Kahan, P Klán, S Masclin, C Toubin, and D Voisin. “Organics in Environmental Ices: Sources, Chemistry, and Impacts” Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 12, 8857-8920 (2012)

76) P. Shepson, P. A. Ariya, C. Deal, D. J. Donaldson, T. A. Douglas, B. Loose, T. Maykym, P. Matrai, L. M. Russell, B. Saenz, J. Stefels, N. Steiner,, "Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snowpack Interactions, Changes, and Feedbacks in Polar Regions: A Scientific Challenge for the 21st Century", EOS, TRANSACTIONS AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION, VOL. 93, NO. 11, PAGE 117, 2012

75) Mahamud Subir, Parisa A. Ariya, Ashu P. Dastoor, A review of uncertainties in atmospheric modeling of mercury chemistry I. Uncertainties in existing kinetic parameters – Fundamental limitations and the importance of heterogeneous chemistry, Atmospheric Environment, Volume 45, Issue 32, , Pages 5664-5676 (2012)


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74) E. D. Hudson, P. A. Ariya, Y. Gélinas, A method for the simultaneous quantification of 23 C1-C9 trace aldehydes and ketones in seawater, Environmental Chemistry, 8(4) 441-449, (2011)

74) L. Si and P. A. Ariya, The kinetics and mechanistic studies of photoreduction of selected natural thiols, Chemosphere, 84, 68, 1079-1084 (2011)

73) Mahamud Subir, Parisa A. Ariya, Ashu P. Dastoor, A review of the sources of uncertainties in atmospheric mercury modeling II. Mercury surface and heterogeneous chemistry – A missing link, Atmospheric Environment, Volume 46, December 2011, Pages 1-10 (2011)

72) Parisa A. Ariya, Mid-latitude mercury loss, Nature Geoscience, 4, (2011)

71) C. E. Morris, D. C. Sands, M. Bardin, R. Jaenicke, B. Vogel, C. Leyronas, P. A. Ariya, and R. Psenner, Microbiology and atmospheric processes: research challenges concerning the impact of airborne micro-organisms on the atmosphere and climate, Biogeosciences, 8, 17-25, (2011)


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70) P. A. Ariya, F. Domine, G. Kos, M. Amyot, V. Coté, H. Vali, T. Lauzier, W. F. Kuhs, K. Techmer, T. Heinrichs, and R. Mortazavi, "Snow: A Photobiochemical Exchange Platform for Volatile and Semi-volatile Organic Compounds with the Atmosphere", Environmental Chemistry, 010, 7, 1–12 (2010)

69) G. Snider and Parisa A. Ariya, Photo-catalytic oxidation reaction of gaseous mercury over titanium dioxide nanoparticle surfaces, Chemical Physics Letters, 49:1-3, 23-28, (2010)

68) J. Sun, P. A. Ariya, H. G. Leighton, and M.-K. Yau, The Mystery of Ice Multiplication in Warm-based Precipitating Shallow Cumulus Clouds, Geophysical Research Letters, 37, L10802, (2010)

67) G. Kos and P. A. Ariya, Volatile organic compounds in snow in the Quebec-Windsor Corridor JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 115, D01302, doi:10.1029/2009JD012391, 2010


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66) Parisa A. Ariya, Kirk Peterson, Graydon Snider and Marc Amyot, Mercury Chemical transformation in the gas, aqueous and heterogeneous phases: State-of-the art science and uncertainties, book chapter 15, Mercury fate and transport in the global atmosphere, Pirrone and Mason editors,Springer, pp, 459-501, ISBN: 987-0-387-93957-5 (2009).

65) P.A. Ariya, J. Sun, N.A. Eltouny, E.D. Hudson, C.T. Hayes and Kos,G 'Physical and chemical characterization of bioaerosols - Implications for nucleation processes', International Reviews in Physical Chemistry,28:1,1-32, (2009)

64) D. G. Georgakopoulos, V. Despres, J. Fro:hlich-Nowoisky, R. Psenner, P. A. Ariya, M. Posfai, H. E. Ahern, B. F. Moffett and T. C. J. Hill, "Microbiology and atmospheric processes: biological, physical and chemical characterization of aerosol particles". Biogeosciences, 6: 4, 721-737 (2009).


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63) G. Snider, F. Raofie, and P. A. Ariya, "Effects of relative humidity and CO(g) on the O-3 initiated oxidation reaction of Hg-O(g): kinetic & product studies". Physical Chemistry-Chemical Physics, 10(36): 5616-5623 (2008)

62) F. Raofie, G. Snider, and P. A. Ariya, "Reaction of gaseous mercury with molecular iodine, atomic iodine, and iodine oxide radicals - Kinetics, product studies, and atmospheric implications", Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 86(8): 811-820 (2008)

61) R. Du, P.A. Ariya, "The test freezing temperature of C-2-C-6 dicarboxylic acid: The important indicator for ice nucleation processes". Chinese Science Bulletin, 53: 17, 2685-2691 (2008)

60) D. G. Georgakopoulos, V. Despres, J. Fro:hlich-Nowoisky, R. Psenner, P. A. Ariya, et al., "Microbiology and atmospheric processes: biological, physical and chemical characterization of aerosol particles". Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 1469-1510, (2008)

59) L. Deguillaume, M. Leriche, P. Amato, P. A. Ariya, et al., "Microbiology and atmospheric processes: chemical interactions of Primary Biological Aerosols". Biogeosciences Discuss., 5, 841-870, (2008)

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56) L. Deguillaume, M. Leriche, P. Amato, P.A. Ariya, A.M. Delort, U. Poschl, N. Chaumerliac, H Bauer, A. I. Flossmann, C.E. Morris, "Microbiology and atmospheric processes: chemical interactions of primary biological aerosols", Biogeosciences, 5: 4, 1073-1084 (2008)

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54) A. Steffen, T. Douglas, M. Amyot, P. Ariya, et al., "A Synthesis of Atmospheric Mercury Depletion Event Chemistry in the Atmosphere and Snow". Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 8: 1445-1482 (2008)

53) P.A. Ariya, H. Skov, MML Grage and M. E. Goodsite, "Gaseous elemental mercury in the ambient atmosphere: Review of the application of theoretical calculations and experimental studies for determination of reaction coefficients and mechanisms with halogens and other reactants", Advances in Quantum Chemistry, 55: 43-55 (2008) (invited)

52) A. Ryzhkov, F. Raofie, H. Niki, G.W. Harris and P.A. Ariya,, "Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the Gas-Phase Cl-Atom Initiated Reactions of Benzene and Toluene", Advances in Quantum Chemistry, 55: 275-295 (2008) (invited)

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50) R. Mortazavi,C.T. Hayes, P.A. Ariya, "Ice nucleation activity of bacteria from snow compared with organic & inorganic substrates", Environmental Chemistry, 5: 6, 373-381 (2008)


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50) A.Steffen, T. Douglas, M. Amyot, P. Ariya, K.Aspmo, T.Berg, J.Bottenheim, S.Brooks, F.Cobbett, A. Dastoor, A .Dommergue, R. Ebinghaus, C. Ferrari, K. Gardfeldt, M. E. Goodsite, D. Lean, A. Poulain, C. Scherz, H. Skov, J. Sommar, and C. Temme, A synthesis of atmospheric mercury depletion event chemistry linking atmosphere, snow and water, /Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss/.,7,10837-10931, (2007)

49) E. D. Hudson, K. Okuda and P. A. Ariya, Determination of Acetone in Seawater Using Derivatization-Solid Phase Microextraction/, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry/, DOI 10.1007/S0021-6-007-132X (2007)

48) E. D. Hudson, and P. A. Ariya, Measurements of Non-Methane Hydrocarbons, DOC in Surface Ocean Waters, and aerosols over the Nordic Seas during Polarstern cruise ARK-XX/1, Chemosphere, DOI:10.1016/j./chemosphere./2007.04.056, (2007)

47) A. J. Poulain, E. Garcia, M. Amyot, P. G. C. Cambell, F. Raofie, and P. A. Ariya, Mercury speciation and reactivity in the high Arcitc on Cornwallis Island, /Geochemica Cosmochimica Acta/, 71, 3419-3431(2007)

46) Poulain A.J., Ni Chadhain S. M., Ariya P. A., Amyot M., Garcia E., Campbell P. G. C., Zylstra G., and Barkay T. 2007. A potential for mercury reduction by microbes in the high Arctic. /Appl. Environ. Microbiol.,/ 73(7): 2230-2238. (*Cover Page) (faculty of 1000 choice) *

45) Poulain, A. J.; Garcia, E.; Amyot, M.; Campbell, P. G. C.; Raofie, F.; Ariya, P., Biological and Chemical Redox Transformations of Mercury in Fresh and Salt Waters of the High Arctic during Spring and Summer /A., Environ. Sci. Technol., /41(6); 1883-1888, (2007)

44) H. M. Hung, P. A. Ariya, The Oxidation of Oleic Acid and Oleic Acid/Sodium Chloride(aq) Mixture Droplets with Ozone: the Changes of Hygroscopicity and the Role of Secondary Reactions, /J. Phys. Chem. A.,/ 111(4); 620-632, (2007)

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42) A. Garib, Q, Timergazin, and P.A. Ariya, "Kinetics and product studies of Cl-atom initiated of selected hydrocarbons in the marine boundary layer", Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 84, 1686-1695, (2006)

41) G. Kos, P. A. Ariya, Determination of a Wide Range of Volatile and Semivolatile Organic Compounds in Snow Using Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME), Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 385 (1): 57-66 (2006)

40) J. Sun and P. A. Ariya, Atmospheric organic and bio-aerosols as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN): A review, Atmospheric Environment 40, 5 795-820, (2006). Hot article, top 25 science direct.

39) A. B. Ryzhkov and P. A. Ariya, The importance of water clusters (H2O)n (n=2..4) in the reaction of Criegee intermediate with water in the atmosphere, Chemical Physics Letter, 419, 479-485, (2006).


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38) M. A. Engle, M. Sexauer Gustin, S. E. Lindberg, A. W. Gertler. P. A. Ariya, The influence of ozone on atmospheric emissions of gaseous elemental mercury and reactive gaseous mercury from substrates, Atmospheric Environment 39, 7506-7517, (2005).

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35) E. Garcia, A.J. Poulain, M. Amyot and P.A. Ariya, "Diel variations in photo-induced oxidation of Hg0 in freshwater", Chemosphere, 59(7), 977-982, (2005)


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34) P.A. Ariya, A P. Dastoor, M. Amyot, W.H. Schroeder, L. Barrie, K. Anlauf, F. Raofie, A. Ryzkhov, D. Davignon; J. Lalonde, A. Steffen, The Arctic: A sink for mercury, Tellus B, 56, 5, 397-403, (2004)

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12) A. Khalizov and P.A. Ariya, "Stability of XSO2 (X=F,Cl, and Br) radical: impact of the basis set on X-S bonding energy in ab initio and DFT calculations", Chemical Physics Letters, 350(1-2), 173, (2001).

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