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 ==== McGill Accounts ===== ==== McGill Accounts =====
 +McGill provides all registered students, faculty and staff with McGill-wide accounts referred to as //McGill accounts//.
 +These accounts are of form ''​''​ for students and ''​''​ for faculty and staff.
-==== AOS Accounts =====+McGill accounts allow you to access McGill resources such as [[http://​|email]],​ [[http://​​mycourses|mycourses]] and [[http://​​minerva|minerva]]. In addition, you may log into library computers and computers in 708A using your McGill account.
 +==== AOS Accounts =====
 +The AOS department provides an accounts for accessing internal systems within our department. To create a departmental account, please send an email to <​>​. This account is used for logins on departmental computers as well as printing.
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