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General Access Computer Lab

In Burnside Hall on the 7th floor in room 708A there is a computer lab free for anyone to login. The computer lab is reserved for teaching when classes are in session.


Like all computers at McGill, use of these computers are a indication of acceptance of McGill-wide IT policy.

We also employ an e-classroom environment called iTALC giving the instructor the ability to see everybody's monitors in the lab.

In addition to these policies, if you are physically logged-in and inactive:

  • A logout button will be present after thirty minutes of inactivity
  • You will be logged out after three hours if inactivity

These computers are also available for running jobs so long as they do not interfere with teaching or lab use. As such, it is recommended that no more than 75% of the processors of each system be used for non-interactive jobs.

Finally, these computers are not backed-up and data is subject to removal at any time.


You may login to any computer in room 708A by using your AOS or McGill credentials. If you have AOS credentials, it is preferable to log in with these.

Teaching Facilities

A SMART Sympodium tablet display connected to a project is available for use with presentations. This system is connected to a display switch that may either be connected to the Windows workstation in the lab or your own personal laptop.


The names of the computers in the lab are as follows:

  • bumblebee
  • cliffjumper
  • jazz
  • ironhide
  • grimlock
  • megatron
  • soundwave
  • shockwave
  • rumble
  • wheeljack
  • hotrod
  • starscream
  • ultramagnus
  • blaster
  • lazeerbeak


In addition to the standard open source software packages installed on most computers, the following additional closed-source packages are available:

  • Matlab
  • Skype
  • Mendeley
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Earth
  • Google Talk Plugin
  • Dropbox
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