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Getting Support

If you require technical assistance, please send an email to In this email, it is helpful to have:

  • A clear subject line describing, in short, your problem.
  • A body describing your email with as much detail as possible.
  • Should you require a visit from the IT staff, your availability for the day.
  • Your computer's name.
  • Your username.

Here's an example of a good email:

Subject: AOS-Jet-Duplex printer not working
Hi AOS Support,
I'm having trouble printing to AOS-Jet-Duplex from my linux 
computer lappy. In OpenOffice, I select File -> Print but 
cannot find the printer AOS-Jet-Duplex. I log in as mhavas. 
If you'd like to drop by, I'll be in my office for the next 
hour but plan to have some lunch. I should be back at around

Here's an example of an email that could use some work:

Subject: Fwd: Fwd: Re: Hi
I can't print. HELP!

If email is not working on your computer, you may drop by my office in Burnside Hall room 847 or call me at 514-398-3761.

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