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AOS has two public printers:

  • Jet
  • Rainbow

Each is controlled via a centralized print server.

McGill's uPrint system is also available on all Linux systems.

AOS Printer Information


Jet is a Hewlett-Packard Laserjet 4250DTN black and white laser printer. It is capable of duplex printing and can be found in room 811 on the Southern wall.


Rainbow is a Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4700 colour laser printer. It is capable of duplex printing and can be found in room 811 in frount of the Southern wall.

Quota Information

Printing quotas are based on the actual costs of the toner and paper used for each printer. Here are the prices of each item (all applicable taxes are included):

  • Paper (500 sheets): $3.01. $0.007 per sheet.
  • Black Toner for Jet (prints 500 pages): $66.09, $0.013/page.
  • Black Toner for Rainbow (prints 11000 pages): $242.85, $0.022/page.
  • Color Toner for Rainbow (prints 10000 pages): $344.13, $0.103/page (all 3 color toners are used per page).

Note that the constants listed here, such as number of pages per toner, are based on average average/theoretical cases supplied by the hardware vendor. These will likely change in the future based on recorded usage in AOS.

The quotas per printer are calculated on these costs:

Queue Name Irix Queue Name Total Cost per page Quota Charge per page
AOS-Jet-NoDuplex jet_nodup 0.02 0.01)
AOS-Jet-Duplex jet_dup 0.0165 0.02)
AOS-Rainbow-NoDuplex Colour Page rb_nodup 0.12 0.12
AOS-Rainbow-NoDuplex BW Page rb_nodup 0.03 0.03
AOS-Rainbow-Duplex Colour Page rb_dup 0.11 0.11
AOS-Rainbow-Duplex BW Page rb_dup 0.02 0.02

Please Note printing to Jet is the preferred method of printing black and white text. Your supervisor is charged if you print to Rainbow.

Note: If you run out of quota, please see your supervisor. He/she will contact me to add more quota for your group.

1) , 2) Costs for Ice and Jet are paid for by the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.
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