Recent Presentations and Posters

8th GEWEX Open Science Conference - May 2018 - Canmore, Alberta

Long-Duration Freezing Rain Events over North America:
Regional Climatology and Maintenance Mechanisms

2017 AGU Fall Meeting - December 2017 - New Orleans, LA

A Synoptic- and Planetary-Scale Analysis of Widespread North American Ice Storms

97th AMS Annual Meeting - January 2017 - Seattle, WA (Recording available here)

A Surface Dynamic and Thermodynamic Analysis of Long-Duration Freezing Rain Events

41st Northeastern Storm Conference -March 2016 - Saratoga Springs, NY

Influences of the Lake Champlain Valley on Freezing Rain Events at Burlington, Vermont

95th AMS Annual Meeting - January 2015 - Phoenix, AZ (Recorded)

Verification of SPC Winter Weather Mesoscale Discussions