Christophe Lavaysse

Local and Large Scale forcings
on the Mesoscale Convective Systems

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Christophe Lavaysse

in Atmospheric Sciences

Grantholder at the
Institute for Environment and Sustainability
European Commission
JRC, Ispra


+39 0332 783640


September 2015: Lavaysse (2015) in Nature Climate Change

I'm also on Google scholar and on Researchgate (for up-to-date information)...

Short CV
(detailed here)

Present : Grantholder (seasonal and sub-seasonal forecastings of extreme events) at the European Commission, Ispra (IT), coll. with ECMWF, Reading (UK)
2013      : Visiting scientist (Dust impact on MCS over West Africa) at MMM-NCAR , Boulder (CO), USA and LATMOS, Paris, France
2012      : Research Associate (Surface - Atmosphere interactions) at McGill University, and Environment Canada, Montreal, Canada
2009      : Postdoctoral position (Statistical and Numerical downscaling methods) at LMD, Palaiseau, France
2008      : Postdoctoral position (West African Heat Low) at LATMOS, Paris, France

Education :

2006      : PhD in Atmospheric Sciences (West African Monsoon) at LTHE, Grenoble, France
2002      : MSc in Atmospheric Physic and Chemistry , Grenoble and Clermont Ferrand, France
2000      : BSc in Physics , Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France

Research interests :

  • Ensemble forecasting system.
  • Seasonal and sub-seasonal variabilities and their predictabilities.
  • Tropical mesoscale convective systems (MCS) and their environments (synoptic and local conditions).
  • Surface/atmosphere interactions.
  • Statistical and numerical downscaling methods.

Present research :

Statistical forecasting of drought events using Ensemble system provided by ECMWF.