Current Members (as of February 2012)

  • Kevin Grise (Postdoc, webpage): Storm Track Dynamics
  • Joowan Kim (Ph.D. Student, webpage): Dynamics of Tropical Cold Point
  • Patrick Martineau (Ph.D. Student, M.Sc. 2011, webpage): Dynamics of Sudden Stratospheric Warming
  • Etienne Dunn-Sigouin (M.Sc. Student): Blocking Climatology and Dynamics
  • Mathieu Plante (M.Sc. Student, co-supervised with Prof. Gyakum): North American Storm Tracks in CRCM

Former Members

  • Naishi Lin (M.Sc., 2010): Meteorologist at Environment Canada (9/10)
  • Ariaan Purich (M.Sc. 2011, co-supervised with Prof. Derome): Research Scientist at CSIRO, Australia (4/12)
  • Ayako Yamamoto (M.Sc. 2011, co-supervised with Prof. Bourqui): Ph.D. Student at McGill (1/12)

Group Photos

  • February 2012 at McGill Faculty Club

    (First row) Patrick Martineau, Etienne Dunn-Sigouin, Seok-Woo Son, Kevin Grise
    (Second row) Mathieu Plante, Ariaan Purich, Ayako Yamamoto, Joowan Kim