Graduate Students

Eric Bembenek, Ph.D. (co-advised by David Straub)

Anne-Sophie Fortin, M.Sc. (co-advised by Carolina Dufour)

Matthew Henry, Ph.D.

Marie-Pier Labonté, Ph.D.

Michael Rollings, M.Sc.


Zhong-Yi Chia, M.Sc. (co-advised by Daniel Kirshbaum)

Cécile Defforge, M.Sc.

Molly Syme, M.Sc.

Flora Viale, M.Sc.

Prospective Students

Prospective graduate students in atmospheric and climate dynamics are encouraged to contact me and apply for graduate study in the McGill University Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (graduate program website). We are pursuing quantitative research about Earth's atmosphere and climate—see the descriptions of some recent research projects here.

I also welcome inquiries from advanced undergraduates who are interested in research experience.